CCPA Awards Fall 2017 Scholarship

The Central Coast Paralegal Association recognized the fall 2017 CCPA Scholarship recipient, Trevor Luenser, at a presentation in front of his peers on Thursday December 14, 2017, at Cuesta College. He received a scholarship in the amount of $500.00. Trevor is the fourth CCPA Scholarship recipient since the first award was presented in the fall of 2015. All scholarship recipients thus far have been Cuesta College students.

The presentation was attended by Nicole Johnson, 2017 President, Program Director and CAPA Director, as well as Steve Hill, 2018 CCPA President, past Treasurer, and General Manager of e-Legal Services, Inc., and Lisa Huey, owner of e-Legal Services, Inc., a Sustaining member of CCPA. Pictured are Trevor Luenser, Nicole Johnson, and Steve Hill (left to right).

The students were informed about the many ways CCPA promotes and advances the paralegal profession here on the Central Coast and were provided the date and details for the next program on trial preparation in February as well as applications and scholarship information for the next scholarship award deadline of April 1.

A lot of interest was shown by the number of questions on various topics such as educational requirements, the California Alliance of Paralegal’s upcoming California Certified Paralegal test, differences between certification and certificated paralegals, just to name a few.

Thank you to instructor and attorney Janet Wallace for allowing CCPA to make this presentation during her evening course.

The Scholarship Policy and Application can be found on the scholarship page for Cuesta College as well as on the CCPA website under forms:

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