A Paralegal’s Perspective

Welcome to this month’s A Paralegal’s Perspective ⚖️📜

This month’s interviewee: Dawn Carpenter⚖️

1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Paralegal?
⚖️ With everything electronically and technologically driven today, a paralegal who wants to shine is knowing the technology. Also, get your firm and attorney(s) to give you assignments that will put your book learning to a more practical use. And the basics — learn to read, write and communicate well. The legal world is full of scholars and the paralegal wants to be able to maneuver in it. Admit when you make a mistake because most often mistakes can be corrected but letting the attorney know right away is the best route in my opinion.

2. What aspect of the Paralegal profession is the most rewarding in your opinion?
⚖️When I decided that I wasn’t going to go to law school, I found the paralegal profession rewarding because I was able to work in the legal field and balance it with my family life. I find doing a job well done rewarding as well. Working in a law firm can be stressful and demanding so liking what you do and how to do it makes it much more interesting and less stressful.

3. How did you discover the Paralegal profession?
⚖️ I discovered the paralegal profession completely by accident because I didn’t know what a paralegal was until I started working in a law office in San Luis Obispo. I moved here from Toronto, Canada where I was working in corporate management; but when I moved to San Luis Obispo, there weren’t any positions opened for my kind of experience. There is more opportunities now for paralegals that don’t necessarily mean one has to work in a law firm.

4. Why did you decide to become a Paralegal?
⚖️As I have mentioned above, I didn’t seek out to be a paralegal. It was work that I could enjoy and get paid with benefits. I grew into a paralegal. I have been lucky to work in good law firms.

5. What is the most interesting type of law to you, and why?
⚖️I like employment law but it is getting very complex. I like the personal aspect of it. Since I started in litigation I stuck with it; but, estate administration would have been an area that I believe I would have liked.

 Thank you for your answers, Dawn! Stay tuned for next months A.P.P. 😄

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