A Paralegal’s Perspective ⚖️

📜This months interviewee: Sunny Ash

1. What aspect of being a Paralegal is the most rewarding in your opinion?
⚖️ I really enjoy helping people. Legal matters can seem very overwhelming to many. It’s very rewarding to break down those misconceptions by helping people get through their most daunting tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently.
2. Where have you seen the most development in this profession?
⚖️ I have seen the most development in the technical aspects of this profession. E-filing has been the greatest advancement in my opinion. It has streamlined access to the court without all the time wasted standing in lines or the cost of making copies for every pleading submitted.
3. How did you discover the Paralegal profession?
⚖️ I discovered the legal profession through my Aunt. When I was in high school she worked as a Med-Mal Attorney at a couple very prominent firms in San Francisco, who graciously gave me access to their offices. Once gradated I worked in several capacities for different firms until I found my niche.
4. What is the most interesting type of law to you? Why?
⚖️ I find criminal law to be the most intriguing. There are so many moral dilemmas and evidence matters that have to be addressed. I would consider it to be the type of law that has the greatest affect on the community and the people it touches.
5. If you could, would you change anything about this profession? What would that be and why?
⚖️ If I could change anything about this profession it would be the pay and acknowledgement paralegals receive. We are definitely the people behind the curtain making everything run smoothly. I think this should be reflected in our salary and the way we are perceived.

Thank you for your insights, Sunny!!

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